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window securityHere in the UK, it is estimated that around 60 – 75% of burglaries occur through the windows and doors of a home. This can happen simply because of a door or window left unlock before going to bed or because of the door or window’s old and decrepit condition. This is when double glazing windows become an important feature for windows and doors.



Modern Window Security Features


Today, modern double glazing units have to be manufactured according to British Standards (BS) 7412 because it assures a high level of security among the products. Double glazed windows with BS 7414 make entry difficult for unwanted visitors because they are either difficult to gain entry or make a loud noise when broken.


Moreover, windows with double glazing have multipoint locking systems, side hinged security devices, and double locking handles. These kinds of windows can almost be a necessity for homes, especially for rear or side windows which are at higher risks of being attacked.


Having high quality security measures for your windows can keep your family and home safe from unwanted night visitors. Preventing the possibility of home intrusion can be done by having locks on the opening part of the window, also known as the sash, as well as the door itself. Additional 5 dead level locks can also be installed on your double glazed windows, which are all in accordance with insurance requirements.


Acquiring High Security Windows for Your Home


The BS 7412 is an important factor to keep in mind before purchasing double glazing windows and doors. There units cover weather tightness, security, and wind resistance. Having these kinds of units in your home are tested and proven to keep intruders out. They not only keep your house warm, but they also protect you from uninvited guests.


Double glazed units look elegant and fantastic additions in any home that can increase your home’s value. Just make sure you have security measures checked to protect your property from possible dangers. Looking for vetted companies offering secured window units can be easily done by fill up our no obligation quotation form.


We can get you connected with 3 of our reputable double glazing companies providing the best competitive prices in you location. Complete our form today for secured window tomorrow!

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