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National Window Scrappage Scheme


The first scrappage scheme was implemented in May for cars. Later, with the National Window Scrappage Scheme petitioned on March 2010, people are waiting for the government to approve it, which further encourages homeowners to replace their old windows with new energy efficient windows.




What’s It About?


The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has taken another step to further encourage householders and landlords to replace their poorly insulated windows by giving them a cash incentive of £1,000 to be used to pay for the upfront costs of having new and professionally installed energy efficient windows.


The scheme makes way for the improvement of housing stock to reduce CO2 emissions and trim down household energy bills. Through the National Window Scrappage Scheme, residents will be able to have highly insulated windows, reduced carbon emissions, and a cut on their energy bills. According to the petition passed by Mr. Nigel Rees of GGF, only companies that professionally install windows with a C Window Energy Rating or above and dutifully recycle the old windows will be accepted.


Today, several UK glazing companies have started their own window scrappage schemes to encourage homeowners. They are offering about £2,500 for old windows which some consumers though as a marketing strategy that’s too good to be true.


The Government’s Response


In August 2010, the government released its response to the petition. According to the government’s reply, the petitioned National Window Scrappage Scheme was not approved. The cost of replacement windows for an average small home would be around £5,000-£10,000. When other factors such as the marginal improvement in performance and the need for C windows are included, the government sees the National Windows Scrappage Scheme as an unlikely cost efficient plan towards carbon saving and energy efficiency.


Despite that, the government is still planning to create better opportunities for residents through the government initiative called the Green Deal. Double glazing will be one of the measures to be included under the Green Deal.


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