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Stained Glass


The use of stained glass for residential homes was highly popularised during the Victorian era. Having double glazed stained glass in your home allows you to express yourself through the designs present in your glass. Apart from having great home decorations, you are also minimising your electricity bills since double glazed stained glass are efficient insulators for your home.


Stained Glass for Your Home


Stained glass is no longer just for churches. Today, you can have stained glass no matter what part of your home. Stained glass can transform any room into a lovely space with different colours. Among the common places to have stained glass in residential homes are the bathrooms, skylights, front doors, and windows.


With stained glass, you can create a whole different atmosphere or look depending on the colours you want to choose. There are two kinds of stained glass designs, the Mediterranean and the Victorian design. The Mediterranean design has a lot more scenic looks featuring pots, flowers, and plants. On the other hand, Victorian designs are more abstract with usually a lot of colours.


Advantages of Stained Glass


They are many ways to decorate your home and with stained glass, it’s a lot straightforward. As for the benefits, here are just some of the advantages you can experience with stained glass:


Save on energy costs – Stained glass made from uPVC and double glazing can instantly act as an insulator that prevents rapid heat loss in your home. Also, these kinds of glass can instantly improve the appearance and ambiance of any room.


Enhance the appeal of your property – Stained glass can give homes a unique look and long-lasting appeal which does not fade even after many years. This then increases the value of your home and can make it look classier.


Privacy – Once you have stained glass, you can have privacy from the outside world yet still create a beautiful piece of art for your home and environment. You can even save your wallpaper and furniture from fading its colours because of the stained glass.



Each home can have its distinct characteristics and with double glazed stained glass, it becomes more appealing. If you are interested in having your own stained glass, fill up our free online quotation form. We have helped hundreds of people with our website information and free quotes and today, we want to help you.


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