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If you are living in a relatively old home with classic sash windows, you are likely to notice their weathered condition. Having your old sash windows replaced by uPVC sash windows help you transform your home into an efficient heat saving property while still retaining its original appeal. A replacement uPVC sash window with double glazing keeps the character of your home and ensures its lifetime for more around 20 to 25 years.


Features and Benefits of Replacement Sash Windows


The sash window is a well loved design installed in many traditional homes here in the UK. They allow light and air to come in easily and provide an elegant look to residential homes. Unfortunately, through the years, their appearance has changed because of the daily wear and tear and other factors that caused them to fade and lose its old grandeur. If your old sash windows can’t seem to prevent cold drafts from coming into your home, you might need to replace them. Luckily, replacing them doesn’t mean you have to change the design. With replacement uPVC sash windows, you no longer have to worry about losing your home’s character.


Replacement sash windows are great for residents who want low maintenance. The uPVC materials used to make the frames will not be needing painting and does not erode, unlike sash windows with wooden frames. Moreover, they are designed to have storm proof seals to increase its efficiency as it ends rattles and drafts. With replacement sash windows, you can keep the character of your windows and even add a new feature. These windows can have a tilt function so you can clean your windows from the inside.


Sash Window Installation


Installing replacement sash windows in your home is straightforward. Your old sash windows can be removed and easily install them with minimum inconvenience. Apart from installing them yourselves, you can also have professionals to the task to ensure the correct installation and safety of your new uPVC sash windows. Sash windows are available in a number of colours and designs that can fit your home.


Your home’s walls and windows are big factors that contribute to large amounts of heat lost. Replacing your old sash windows with double glazing will improve insulating your home and effectively reduce your energy needs and bills.


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