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Replacement Windows


If you are still settling with your old single pane windows that let the heat out and let the drafts in, you might want to consider having them replaced soon. Replacement windows is a form of home improvement that doesn’t take a lot of your time yet gives an instant and great energy saving results.




Energy Efficient Replacement Windows


Apart from improving the appearance of your home, replacement windows can make every space in your home energy efficient. Replacing your old single pane windows with double glazing can reduce your fuel needs and save you money. Moreover, the Energy Saving Trust states that homeowners can save as much as £135 a year on heating costs.


Fact: A home’s regular single pane window loses 50% of heat.


To make up for this loss, windows have been developed to effectively keep your home cool during the summer, and warm during the winter. Installing the right kind of window and fitting it properly can make a big difference for your energy saving home. You also have to remember that Energy Performance Ratings should be considered as the design specifications and climate of your home can affect the energy efficiency of your double glazed windows.


Qualities of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows


There are generally three factors you have to consider for energy efficient replacement windows – the window frame, the glass quality to be used, and how the window operates (how it opens and closes).


The type of window frame considers the materials used. Various materials have different heat conducting capacities which can affect the energy efficiency and U-factor of your window. Materials such as uPVC, wood, vinyl offer better results than metal for energy efficiency.


The kind of glass you use will also affect your windows. Different kinds of glasses such as gas filled, insulated, low-emissivity, heat-absorbing, and reflective coating can give different results.


Lastly, the way your window operates factors whether you have energy efficient replacement windows or not. This is because your windows can create different leak rates of air than others. A window that closes by pushing towards the frame provides a better seal of energy.


Having your windows replaced by professionals give you a peace of mind and security. If you are interested in looking for companies offering professional replacement window service, we can help you connect with the largest UK database of companies using Energy Saving Recommended windows.


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