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Patio Doors


Much like French doors, patio doors can bring in the outdoors to the indoors of your home. They provide an elegant look and enable huge amounts of light to enter into your home. Homeowners interested in installing patio doors can bank on the many benefits they will receive.




Kinds of Patio Doors


Some people often confuse patio doors with French doors. The main difference among the two is their operating mechanism. While French doors use hinges to open outwards or inwards, patio doors simply slide along railings.


Patio doors can be made with different materials. Among the widely used materials used in modern patio doors are uPVC installed with double glazing. uPVC is a highly durable material than withstands fading, corrosion, fire, water, and other elemental factors. This makes your uPVC patio doors last long for a number of years. They are also available in different colours and styles.


As a standard, the glass used for patio doors are often glazed with safety glass, so as to meet with the regulations of the Glass and Glazing Federation. Also, as of 1st April 2002, patio doors were included in the Document L of FENSA. Heat insulating standards are set for patio doors to ensure that they perform efficiently during the winter and summer seasons. Modern technology in double glazed glass can reduce your home heating and cooling bills efficiently.


Patio Doors for Your Home


Since 1965, patio doors that link the garden and house have been a popular addition in many residential homes. When made with rigid uPVC material, patio doors can look good for many years to come, as well as prove to be a low maintenance feature into your home. Moreover, they give homes a tidy look and are highly customisable.


The large panels of patio doors give rooms an illusion of a bigger size. And since they are made from glass, people might think they are highly targeted by intruders. To prevent this, patio doors are made with safety glass and are installed with advanced locking systems to prevent unwanted people from entering your home.


uPVC patio doors with double glazing is the perfect combination many homeowners are looking for because of its combined benefits, which you can enjoy too. Fill up our quotation form to receive a no obligation, free survey of your property. We will connect you with 3 of our fully vetted companies offering the best prices in your location.


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