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French Doors


French doors are often used to divide spaces in homes or as an entranceway to the garden or patio. Having a better view of your garden is possible when you have uPVC French doors installed in your home. These doors can instantly transform a room with the light and new space it lets in your home.




What are French Doors?


French doors got its name from an original French design known as the casement door. French doors are double-leaved doors hedged on both side of the doorway with a large glass panel on each door leaf. For many years, people who have installed French doors with materials such as uPVC have had better insulation, aesthetics, and security that you can experience, too.


These kinds of doors are a lot cheaper than most kinds yet are strong and durable enough to last for many years. Bespoke uPVC French doors are available to make them fit any kind of home. They can be installed with self cleaning glass which makes them low maintenance. It is very rare that you have to replace your uPVC French doors for another one.


Double Glazed uPVC French Doors


In 1st April, 2002, double glazed uPVC French doors were subject to Document L of FENSA. This means that French doors have rules to follow, including thermal insulation to be effective energy saving architectural structures of homes.


Double glazing is one way to ensure the effective thermal insulation of your uPVC French doors. Double glazing uses two glass panes with air in between them to provide added insulation. They are storm sealed to keep your home warm during the winter, and to keep them cool during the summer seasons. They are also designed to prevent leaks or any kind to happen. The glasses used in double glazing are often toughened or tempered so in case of breakage, they shatter into thousands of small pieces instead of sharp glass shards.


Home Security with French Doors


uPVC French doors features multipoint locking systems and high security locks to prevent unwanted entry from the outside. They are also reinforced which is a great choice for homes with children and pets. Shoot bolts can also be installed on the secondary door.


If you are thinking of replacing your timber or metal French doors, you can have modern uPVC French doors. We can get you connected with our large database of UK vetted companies offering uPVC French door services and others.


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