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Double Glazing Grants


The UK Government has been very active in reducing the country’s carbon dioxide emissions that new legislations have come out and amendments to regulations have be made in line with energy efficiency. One of the tactics the government has enacted is the Double Glazing Grants which are accessible for homeowners with installations that passed various government factors.


Over the recent years, homeowners have shown increased participation in the government’s cause of reducing UK’s carbon footprint. One big motivational factor is because of the various grants available.


Like all the other grants, the Double Glazing Grant is a way for people to have double glazing installed in their homes and make it more energy efficient by reducing their carbon dioxide emissions. According to the Energy Saving Trust, homeowners are can expect to save as much as £135 a year when then have double glazing installed.


In addition to that, the Double Glazing Grant can save around 740,000 households’ carbon dioxide emissions throughout England and Scotland. That is equivalent to almost £700 million saving for the UK.


How to Get My Double Glazing Grant


Entitlement to the grant depends on a number of factors such as local authority, age, and amount of benefits you are currently receiving are all taken into account. The Council waiting list for Double Glazing Grants can be a long one yet with perseverance in pursuing your application, you might reap the rewards.


If you weren’t granted with the grant, there is still a way we can help you. By using our no obligation quotation form, you can get savings of up to 65% on your double glazing installation.


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Installing double glazing windows needs to be done by certified and reputable companies around your area. We offer a completely free, no obligation quotation service and provide you with 3 quotes from carefully vetted companies in your location.


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