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Double Glazing FENSA


In a collaborative effort to help reduce the carbon dioxide emission of the UK, the government’s Glass and Glazing Federation and other industrial organisations formed the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme, or most commonly known as FENSA. This scheme is aimed to support the new building regulations.






In 1st October 2010, the government approve Document L (Fuel Conservation) that supports the new energy efficiency regulations. According to this document, replacement windows and door installations from 2002 will be included in the Building Regulations to comply with the new and improved energy efficiency regulations.  


One of the important factors the pushed this change is the need to reduce heat loss through requiring glass products to have a lower “U” value. Moreover, the regulation changes states the buildings are required to have energy efficient products during installations and constructions – whether they are windows, walls, doors, roof, and etc. Lighting, ventilation, and heating are also included in these changes.


Document L states that the all new timber or uPVC double glazed windows must have a U value of 2.0 Q/m 2K or lower, while metal (aluminium) double glazed windows should not have a U value more than 2.2 W/m 2K.


Greater Protection with FENSA


There are thousands of companies working with FENSA so it isn’t hard to find one. Homeowners who will buy double glazing from companies registered with FENSA are protected and can receive certain benefits.

  • Guaranteed 5-10 year insurance for every installation
  • Customary assessment of FENSA double glazing companies by an ‘independent inspection organisation’
  • Every registered installation by the homeowner received a FENSA Building Regulations certificate as proof of compliance


If you are going to work with double glazing companies not affiliated with FENSA, you have to continue work on a “DIY” basis, and you need to have it obtain approval for your local authority.


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