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Double Glazing FAQ


What is double glazing?

Double glazing simply refers to a type of window or door that is made up of two glass panes with a space between them. The gap between the two sheets of glass is filled with an inert gas, including Argon, and acts as added insulation for any home or building.



Where can I have double glazing in my home?

Double glazing can be installed in various parts of your home. Some of the most common areas where double glazing could be installed are on windows, doors, and conservatories.


What are the benefits of having double glazing?

In UK residences, it is estimated that about 60% of heat is lost through single-paned windows and doors. Double glazing your windows and doors can provide homeowners with the benefits mentioned below:

Reduced energy bills – Having your windows replaced with double glazing will stabilise your indoor temperature throughout the year, requiring less effort from your air conditioner or heating system to work harder.

Smaller carbon footprint – Using less fuel for your home can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions which greatly contribute to global warming. You can save the earth of 680kg of CO2 every year.

Peace and quiet – Apart from just keeping the heat in, your double glazing can help soundproof your home from the outside noise.

A more relaxing home – Double glazing cuts heat loss through your windows. This means lesser cold spots and draughts.


How can it help reduce my fuel bills?

Double glazing windows have ratings ranging from A (highest) to G (lowest). For double glazing to be energy efficient, they need to have a rating of C or higher. For B-rated double glazed windows, a home can save up to £165 every year on energy bills. Moreover, double glazing should last for more than 20 years and in that span of time, your double glazing should be able to pay for itself through your energy savings each year.


What to look for in double glazed windows?

There are a few things you have to consider when shopping for double glazing windows. This will ensure their quality and performance.

Glass – Double glazing with low emissivity (Low-E) is most suitable as it lets light and heat pass through, yet cuts the amount of heat going out.

Air in between the panels – Inert gasses such as Argon, Xenon, and Krypton are very efficient insulators.

Pane spacers – Panes spacers keep the two glasses apart. Pick spacers containing little or no metal, known as “warm edge” spacers.

Frame material – uPVC, aluminium, wood, or composite frames are suitable for double glazing.

Energy rating – Look for windows with energy ratings of C and above to have good efficient windows


Are double glazing more secure than single-pane windows?

Yes. Double glazed windows use two sheets of glass that can be toughened or tampered. Windows and doors made with double glazing are difficult to break in or destroy. Moreover, most double glazed windows and doors are installed with multipoint locking systems to increase security.


How long does it take to install double glazing?

The completion time of installing double glazing depends on the amount of windows you have and on the size of your home. For an average 3 bedroom semi-detached home, it would take around 3 working days to complete it.


Do I need to have planning permission to install double glazing?

In general, you do not need to have planning permission to have double glazing installed in your home unless you live within a conservation area or a listed building. Check with your local council to know your available options.


How do I find a reputable installer?

The best way to find a reputable installer is to make sure they are registered with one of these schemes, FENSA, Certass, and Network VEKA. Working with companies registered with one of the mentioned groups will ensure you of quality double glazing products in compliance with the government’s building regulation standards.


How much will double glazing cost? Can I pay through instalment?

Replacing your single-pane windows with double glazing is an investment and like any other investment, it may cost you a bit high. There are companies that can offer instalment payment plans. However, if you are having difficulty looking for double glazing companies offering financing, you can contact your building society, local council, or bank.

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