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Double Glazing For Your Home


Over the past few years, the construction and overall look of residential homes have changed tremendously. Of the many improvements made, the use of double glazing for windows can be considered as one of the most practical and cost-efficient changes. The materials have been widely adapted since they not only give windows a new stylish look but they also give energy saving benefits for homes.


What is Double Glazing?


Double glazing pertains to the use of two glass panes with space in between that are fitted into a frame. Both glass panes are usually a few millimetres apart and filled with air, usually argon. The space is also added with a drying agent to prevent moisture from getting trapped and being sealed in. The air inside provides added insulation from heat.


Double glazing generally used two types of low emissive glass. The first, tempered or toughened glass is recommended for homes because they shatter into thousands of pieces instead of becoming sharp glass shards. Second, smaller double glazed frames use float glass for windows with lesser odds of breakage.


How Good is Double Glazing?


In a perfect world, homes were built to provide us shelter and to protect us from the heat and cold weather during certain seasons of the year. In reality though, our homes lose almost 60% of heat due to insufficient insulation especially from walls and windows. This then causes us to have higher power bills to offset the heat loss.

With double glazing, you can resolve the two issues mentioned above and receive other benefits.

  • Cut the costs of insulating your home with double glazing
  • Increase the visual appeal
  • Improve the security level
  • Add value to your property


Installing double glazed units into your windows can give your home an instant facelift and make it more efficient as your protection from the elements. Double glazed windows will give you long term benefits while helping to save the environment.


Double glazing is an investment that can protect your home, improve its image, and create significant savings for you in the long run.

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