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Today, homeowners are given a lot of options when it comes to their homes, including replacing their old windows with double glazing. It is almost becoming a standard here in Europe and it is easy to see why. But if you are still confused or undecided about which frame material you should choose, whether you should choose uPVC, wood or timber, or aluminium, read on to find out the advantages uPVC bring.



Value for Money


When it comes to affordability, uPVC window frames are cheaper than aluminium and wooden frames. You will also see the value of uPVC as time passes by. It is the cheapest material to be produces since it is essentially made from salt and oil. It’s a cost effective option for people on a budget.




You can expect uPVC frames to be the most durable material because it does not rot and will not even rust after years. Wood can absorb moisture and cause the wood itself to deteriorate and its paint to bubble or peel off after sometime. Paint on aluminium, on the other hand, can chip and be scratched off. uPVC will not peel and corrode unlike its counterparts which will require a new fresh coat of paint after some time, such as wood and aluminium. It is tough and resilient which can last for a good 15-20 years.


Visual Appearance


Although unplasticised polyvinyl chloride may only look very simple compared to the look offered by aluminium and wooden window frames, uPVC is now available in different colours and can even have a wooden finish. This makes it a flexible product for homeowners with different tastes.


Soundproofing and Energy Efficiency


There is probably no other material that can surpass uPVC when it comes to energy efficiency and soundproofing capabilities. uPVC is an excellent insulator of both energy and sound.




The most secure material for your window is probably aluminium however seconding it is uPVC. Once installed with steel reinforcements, it would virtually be impossible to break through double glazed windows. You can trust your home’s security to uPVC.

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