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Energy efficient home improvements have been the talk of the town lately and many people have become aware of the financial aspects necessary to make them happen. However because of the current state of the economy, many people would rather postpone such improvements for another day.



If you are one of the many residents who find it challenging to have new energy efficient measures installed in your home, then you might want to consider applying for the Green Deal.


The Green Deal was formally launched in January 2013 as an innovative financing mechanism that will help domestic and non-domestic groups pay for energy efficiency improvement through their savings on energy and fuel bills. This was initiated by the Government to reduce the country’s carbon emissions and improve the energy efficiency of homes in and around the United Kingdom.


What Improvement Does the Green Deal Cover?


The Green Deal is the Government’s green flagship scheme that allows homeowners to choose any of the 45 measures or areas of home improvement that is covers including:


1. Insulation – A better insulated home means less money spent on trying to keep a warm temperature. Insulation home improvement measures include double glazing, roof and loft insulation, wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, floor insulation, draught-proofing, and insulating tanks, pipes and radiators.


2. Heating and hot water – Heating water for domestic use can be costly but with the Green Deal, you can have an energy efficient heater with savings to boot. The Green Deal will help you replace your old boiler, help you save money, inform you about thermostats and controls, and improve electrical systems.


3. Glazing – Windows are one of the leading reasons for rapid heat loss in a home. Prevent this by having your old single glazed windows replaced with double glazing through the help of the Government’s The Green Deal. Double glazing will not only insulate heat, but also sound for a more quiet and peaceful home.


4. Microgeneration - Generate your own electricity through photovoltaic solar panels and produce free hot water through solar thermal panels. The Green Deal can also help you have PV solar panels through a no-upfront cost loan. Now you can have an energy efficient and sustainable home.


For the non-domestic sector, the Green Deal covers mechanical ventilation, lighting, and heat recovery measures. It is planning to cover more areas as soon as the technology develops.


If you want to apply for the Green Deal for PV solar panels, have a certified Green Deal assessor carry out an assessment of your property. Call the Energy Savings Advice Service at 0300 123 1234 for more details. Apply for the Green Deal to have any of these energy efficient home improvement measures done on your home today.

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