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The need for an energy efficient homes can almost be considered as an urgent matter.  The government has been pushing many UK families to upgrade their homes and have them partakes changes that will transform their properties into energy efficient residences.  Apart from that, the government is offering schemes that will make home improvement upgrades a lot easier to the pocket, including the green deal.



Through the green deal, you can have your home installed with a new old boiler, double glazed windows, and even have your loft and walls insulated to help prevent heat from escaping your home.  Having all of these energy efficiency home improvements done will all go in vain if one of the most widely used entrances of your home is neglected  - the doors.


Oftentimes, doors are forgotten when it comes to home improvements and when it comes to energy efficiency, these are actually as important as windows.  Doors are an entryway for heat to escape and cold to come in during the cold months and vice versa during the summer months. 


When left open it can instantly change the temperature of a room and make it difficult for your heater or air conditioner to bring back a comfortable temperature.  Not only that. Doors that are closed are still susceptible to heat loss especially when the materials used for it are not energy efficient.  If you feel that your doors, such as the front door, French door, patio door, and even the bedroom doors are old, creaking, and rotting, then it might be a good idea to have them replaced immediately.


uPVC Doors


Instead of going for wooden doors, opt for doors made of uPVC.  uPVC also known as, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is a special type of plastic that is used to make doors, windows and other parts of a home.  This material is known for its characteristics such as strong resistance against corrosion, rotting, water, and fire.  Its materials are rigid and long lasting and are available in different colours and finishes to suit any home’s style.


uPVC is a great material for front doors and is suitable for any kind of room.  You can even have your French and patio doors made out of uPVC.  These stores have glass parts which can be supported by uPVC doors.  Double glazing can be installed on these doors which make them energy efficient and friendly to the environment.


If you’re interested in having your old doors replaced with uPVC and double glazing door, make sure you contact us or send us a quote request for more information.

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