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One home improvement option that homeowners can enjoy is double glazing. Whether you have a tight budget to spend or a lot of money to spare, double glazed windows can offer benefits that no other home improvement alternative can. The government has also established ways for double glazed windows to become more accessible and affordable than ever before.



But despite that, there are still members of the society who still think that double glazed windows can wait. In thinking that not spending or buying new double glazed windows now can save them money, the opposite is actually happening.


Believe it or not, people will actually spend more when they choose to keep damaged and non energy efficient single glazed windows. Moreover, it might not put your wallet in danger but also the environment. How is that even possible? Here are the real costs of not replacing your old windows with double glazing.


· High electricity bills


Single glazed windows are no longer capable of insulating and maintaining the heat inside of your home because the environment has changed. So instead of the windows trying to maintain the heat produced by your heater inside your home, it escapes through the windows and at some time, causes condensation to occur. You are now forced to increase the temperature of your central heating system to maintain a comfortable home temperature.


High electricity or fuel bills will drain your savings if your old windows are not replaced with double glazed windows. But if you do, you can expect to have lower heating bills because your windows will keep the warm temperature at your home.


· Carbon emissions


Did you know that an average household here in the UK produces about 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year? And that figure does not even take into account car emissions and others. The decision to not have double glazing now can translate to pollution and hastened effects of climate change. You can help reduce the damage to the environment by installing new double glazing for your home.


Double glazing is designed to give you and the environment long lasting benefits but without it in your house today, you are actually losing more than what you thought. Investing in replacement double glazed windows is a decision you will not regret. It will give you savings, reduce your carbon emissions, and even sound proof your home. What is not to like about it.


If you want to reduce the burden of single glazed windows, have it replaced with the help of one of our FENSA and GGF registered companies. We can help you get a <a href="">cheap double glazing quote</a> today.

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