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Both windows provide a way for fresh air and sunlight to enter your home. Both windows will shield you from the cold. Both windows offer homes a unique look and feel. But what exactly are their differences?


Both single and double glazed windows are, essentially, windows. They both have glass that separates the inside of your home from the outside and can be opened and closed. Their main difference actually comes from the number of glass panes one window has from the other. Single glazed windows have only one glass pane while double glazed windows have two.


Apart from that, their materials differ since the double glazed windows require more support yet offer better safety, durability, and appeal. The frame of double glazed windows is usually made up of uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This material is known in the construction industry for its qualities and affordable price. They can last for a long time, can be recycled, and are resistant against weather-related damages.


Now apart from the number of glass panes they have and materials used, they also differ in performance. Many people ask which is better and in today’s standards and necessities, many can attest that double glazed windows can perform better.


Why is this so? Double glazed windows were many because a single glass pane can no longer provide the required protection needed in today’s environment. Climate change is only one of the reasons why and with double glazed windows, you can improve your home significantly and give you savings.


Although replacing your single glazed windows with double glazing can seem pricey or expensive, you will see your return on investment once the months and years have passed by. You will notice significant change in your energy consumption because double glazed windows are well known for its energy efficiency.


Double glazed windows can be seen as better versions of single pane windows. However, these double glazed windows can offer you and your family benefits that can be provided by single glazed windows such as:


·      Smaller electricity bills

·      Energy efficiency

·      Smaller carbon footprint

·      Reduced condensation

·      And even peace and quite


The government encourages residents to have double glazed windows because of the many benefits they bring. Through the Green Deal, which is set to take place in October, you can apply for free double glazing installation.


There are many way single and double glazing can differ however, their purpose is basically the same. Despite that, you should not settle for less for your home. Choose double glazed windows today.

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