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"For human beings, sound is an essential part of our daily lives. And when there is too much sound coming from various sources, it could result to noise. If you are living in a residential area afflicted with various kinds of noise, you may want to be concerned.


The Environmental-Protection.Org.UK defines noise as, “unwanted sounds.” They also added that it is a source of irritation and stress for many people and it can even damage the hearing. Noise can come to us in many different forms. According to the website of Environmental-Protection.Org.UK, people can experience noise nuisance, noise in the street, transport noise, noise at work, noise during the night time, construction site noise, fireworks, and animal noise.


Despite the many different kinds of noises present among us, there are still a number of ways for you to reduce them. You can personally complain to the individual who is responsible for the noise being crated or complain to your local authority. But apart from those, the other option is by protecting your home with soundproof double glazing. This may be the first step you should welcome for long lasting and stress free tranquillity when you are inside your home.


How do double glazed windows soundproof homes?


Soundproofing your home from noise coming from the outside can easily be done with double glazing. Through double glazed windows, you efficiently insulate your home from the cold and also keep the noise out.


There are typically two ways to soundproof double glazing. One is through magnetic acrylic which is done by installing a PVC sub frame inside the window. And two, is by using a compression seal to improve the noise reduction of the window. Apart from those two, acoustic aluminium can also be added to reduce the transfer of noise. These kinds of windows are made with specified size requirements.


How do I soundproof my home with double glazing?


When you have soundproof double glazing, you can reduce the noise entering your home by up to 70%. To have them installed in your home, make sure that you work with a company that offers products tested by the NATA laboratories to ensure that they are working effectively. Ask for the results of tests from NATA for the products you will purchase.


Noise belongs outside your home. Having a quieter and more pleasing home is possible even when there is a lot of noise coming from the outside of your home. Installing soundproof double glazing is all you need."

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