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Are you planning to get sash windows replacement? UK is known for having a lot of Victorian and Edwardian style homes that the Government would like to keep and preserve for a long time. Because of this, sash windows or any kind of window in commercial establishments and residential homes located in listed buildings or conservation areas need to acquire planning permission form their local council.


Who needs to get planning permission?


First of all, you have to know that not everyone wanting to have sash windows replacement needs to get planning permission. Planning permission can vary for a number of reasons such as the nature of work you plan on having, including external or internal work. Minor alterations such as retiling a roof do not require planning permission.


As a rule of thumb, always consult first with your local council before you start working on your project. Don’t just take the word of your double glazing company. A little effort exerted on your part will prevent you from having any problems and wasted expenses. This is especially helpful if you have a property situated in listed building, conservation areas, Areas of Outstanding Beauty, and other environmental designations.


How much does it cost and how long does an application take?


The council may decide on your application for eight weeks or more. This depends on the nature of work you plan on having done or the complexity of the job. If the LPA needs a bit more time, they will ask for your written consent.


The cost of planning permission will depend on the project. In England, the application fee for getting an extension on your home is around £150. For residents of Wales, it costs at around £159 since the cost there is generally higher compared to the other parts of UK. Scotland and Northern Ireland, on the other hand, have their own system.


Consequences of Not Acquiring Planning Permission


Around the last week of February 2012, hotel owners in Llandudno were worried about the decision of Conwy council regarding the sash windows replacements they had without planning permission.


The usual consequence for not acquiring planning permission before getting a job done could mean financial loss and frustration. If you have already begun work without planning permission, you may be forced to stop or even remove everything.


These changes have diluted the special characteristics of historic areas and damaged listed buildings,” said Peter Jones-Hughes, Conwy council principal conservation officer.


For the hoteliers of Llandudno, they’re worried with the possible decision of Conwy council to knock down their windows completely. Their windows were installed more than 30 years ago and this could equate to financial losts.


The hotel owners replaced their wooden sash windows with uPVC double gazing because of its benefits such as improved insulation and interior soundproofing, giving customers a more comfortable and quite room.


If you want to get sash windows replacement, you can go to Government’s Planning Portal if you want to apply online.

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