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Double glazed windows are a necessity to ensure the energy efficiency of your home. Because of this, many salesmen might come knocking on your front door once they see that you don’t have these windows installed yet. If ever you find yourself in a situation wherein you feel scammed, make sure you are aware of how to handle it correctly.



According to Which?, only 39% of people faced with a scamming operation know what’s really going on. If you find yourself in that situation or know of a friend who has experienced a scam, report it immediately. To whom you will report it to will depend on the type of scam. There are six different types.


1.      Reporting to Action Fraud


If you are not aware of what Action Fraud is, it is the UK’s national fraud and crime reporting centre. You can approach them if you are looking for a central point of contact about financially motivated Internet crime and fraud. You can visit their website and report a crime from there. You can also call and speak with an advisor on 0300 123 2040.


2.      Reporting email scams


Email scams are a commonly done through phishing. With this type, you can report it to the Internet service provider (ISP) that was used to send you the email.


If the email came from a Google account, ‘Report spam’ button should be available.  For Yahoo!, you can email while Hotmail has a ‘Report phishing’ button.


You can also try reporting it to the company that the email was fraudulently representing such as a bank, company, government department, or others cited in the email.


3.      Premium-rate phone scams


If you would like to report a premium-rate telephone service, then contact PhonepayPlus. This is an official organisation that formed to regulate phone-paid services here in the UK. You can contact them through their landline number on 0800 500 212. You can also visit their website


4.      Reporting to local police


Reporting to your local police will help them catch any more people trying to scam innocent residents. They should be able to inform other people in your neighbourhood to increase the residents’ caution and awareness. However, do not dial 999 since this number is for emergencies only.


5.      Reporting to the company


If the scam you experienced involved mimicking another company, then report it to the genuine company. The genuine company will try to inform or warn their customers of people trying to mimic them to help prevent others from falling from the same scam.


Other companies will put up signs and notices on their websites to warn other customers.


6.      Reporting to trading standards


Filing a report to your local trading standards department won’t get your money back, however, they can take criminal action against scammers because of their Fraud Act.


Bring the vital information that can help them stop other individuals from falling from the same scam. Your local trading standards department can offer you advice on how to take care of the situation.


Be aware of these tips so you know how to take action immediately after witnessing a scam. Double glazed windows are often the preferred product that criminals who want to scam residents ‘offer’ so always be aware.

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