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Many houses in the UK were built in decades ago and one common feature they are bound to have are the iconic sash windows. Sash windows are highly regarded as elegant home structures that keeps the culture of the British alive. Unlike many modern windows, sash windows are flexible and friendly to different types of homes.



Despite all the history these types of windows have, many would rather have them replaced because of their poor and old condition. Energy efficiency is an important feature for many windows and without it, you could have a cold home with high electricity and heating bills at the end of each month. Does this mean that the popularity of sash windows might come to an end?


Sash windows are a part of the UK culture and it would be difficult to forget something such as it. Because of this, many manufacturers have created versions of sash windows with double glazing.


Double glazed windows are typically made with two glass panes sealed by the frames of the windows. The gap between the panes have an inert type of gas to slow down heat from passing through the window. Commonly made with uPVC for its frames, sash windows can come alive with double glazing.


Replacing your sash windows, however, may require you to take a few precautionary steps. Before having them replaced with energy efficiency double glazed sash windows, you first have to speak with your local council to find out if doing such is allowed. Some areas and homes are not allowed or may require special permits to have them done. Find out if you live in designated lands which includes national parks, conservation areas, World Heritage sites, and the Broads Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


For a more detailed guide, you can read on the Planning Portal’s website. Planning permission is not really necessary however making sure that you do not need it can save you time and money. Apart from planning permission, you also have to make sure your new windows will follow building regulations.


Heat loss from windows account for 10% of the total amount of heat lost in a typical home. Make sure that your house is protected from this by having your old sash windows replaced with double glazing. Ask for a quote from our free and no-obligation quote comparison service through our website today.

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