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Here in the UK, we have a predominantly wet and grey weather throughout the year. Because of this, we would like to make our home as well-lit as possible throughout the day. How can we do this?



Your windows at home are the number one entry point of natural light. Without them, you would have to use artificial lighting to illuminate your home during the day and moreover, a home without windows just looks plainly odd. Sunshine has a lot of benefits for humans as it can affect our health. Lack of sunlight can make us feel sleepy and depressed however exposure to it can make us feel positive and happy because it increases our body’s capacity to produce serotonin.


Here are some tips that can help you increase the amount of natural light entering your home through your double glazed windows.


Adding some accessories


The first thing you would probably add into your room is mirrors. Mirrors provide a great way to reflect natural light coming from your windows. Wall mounted mirrors can serve as a great focal point of your home as well as light reflector.


Another accessory you can add to your room is sheer and lightweight curtains. These will bright warmth and add texture to your home with still providing light into a very transparent window.


If you are using shutters, it would be a great idea to use wide-slat shutters to allow the most light into your home.


Cleaning and maintenance


Of course, what good would be your accessories if the windows itself do not allow enough light to enter through it. You must make sure thatyour windows are clean to prevent particles and other foreign objects from blocking the light.


Maintenance around the area of your windows should also be done. Check and watch out for shadows that may be blocking your window. Having the branches of trees trimmed is an easy way of unblocking obstructions from your window.


Many living rooms are but facing the south to ensure that they receive warm toned natural light. These are the easiest to increase light entering the room since a lot of windows are in this room, such as double glazed bay and bow windows, full length windows, and others. 

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