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Before deciding on a method of insulation, homeowners should consider their objectives. Every person has a unique reason in improving their home insulation. One might be aiming to make their home cool in summer days and warm in winter nights. Another one might be aiming at significantly reducing the amount of outdoor noise entering their home.


Double glazing is the best solution that suits every homeowner’s objective in improving their home’s insulation. In fact, double glazed windows have great insulating properties, which help control a home’s indoor temperature, such as making it cool during those hottest days and warm during the cold winter nights.


After you have installed double glazing, you may accessorize it with several ornamental ideas that add up insulation. There are actually a variety of window decorations available in the market today, and some of them have insulating properties that could work well with your double glazing in increasing your home’s insulation to a much higher level.


Here are 3 ornamental ideas that can aid your double glazing’s performance and add beauty to your interiors.


1.       Solar shades


Solar shades are made of specialized materials, which have the capacity to block ultraviolet rays and sun glares. It has a wide range of benefits compared to common window blinds.  It prevents bright sunlight from entering your rooms, it reduces indoor temperature during hot summer days that results to minimizing your need for air conditioning, and it helps you conserve a great amount of energy. By using solar shades, you can enjoy the outside view without worrying about excessive heat and UV rays.


2.       Low E-glass


These days, heating costs continue to rise in an alarming level. Installing double glazing with Low E-glass that has thermal insulation properties is a wise investment for reducing your expensive monthly heating bills. Low E-glass functions in two ways— by preventing the heat inside your home from escaping and letting your property take advantage of free solar energy. As a result, you will experience a great increase of comfort inside your home throughout the seasons.


3.       Insulated Curtains



There are mainly two insulating benefits from using insulated curtains. Its first benefit is its capability to help control the temperature inside your home while increasing the R-value of your window. Second, it helps prevent outdoor sounds from entering your home and keeps your noises in. It is made of thick fabric that absorbs sound waves. So when you want to blast the stereo, there is no need to worry of being considerate with your neighbour.


Effective window insulation prevents a great amount of heat loss. However, it does not only increase your home’s insulation, it also improves your home’s security and privacy. Installing double glazed windows is worthwhile and with these three ideas, you can surely save money and energy.


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