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I’m sure you’ve read a lot of news articles and blog posts on how much heat is lost in an uninsulated home. But despite the digits they present, some people just can’t imagine how grave they actually are. To help your imagination, I have gathered two useful images that could help you understand heat loss in action.


An article from entitled “Saving money through energy efficiency,” they showed an image of how much heat is lost in an unsinsulated home.




In a typical uninsulated home, these would be the heat loss percentages you can expect. Walls are at 33%, the roof with 26%, windows with 18%, general draughts with 12%, floors 8%, and doors with 3%. Energy efficiency is very poor with this house so you can expect the residents of this home to have difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside their home as well as paying higher energy bills.


On the other hand, here is an example of a home with its heat map. Can you determine which parts of this home is a great source of heat loss? 




This image was taken from an article at As you can see, the wall cavity is the best insulator of this home while the roof, windows, and doors are poorly insulated. This wall probably has good material compared to its other parts.


According to a document made by the London Borough of Redbridge entitled ‘Appendix A: Energy Efficiency Guidance document for Redbridge Residents,’ replacing the windows, roofs, and doors with appropriately materials could give residents huge potential savings and improve their energy efficiency. To recover the 18% of heat lost through single glazed windows and 3% through doors, they can be replaced with double glazed windows and doors. Consumers should be able to save about £130 and 712 kg CO2 every year.


Replacing your windows and doors with uPVC double glazing is just one of the fast and reliable solutions you can try to reduce heat loss in your home. Keep these images in mind to know what to invest on soon.

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