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They say that double glazed windows are the solution for condensed windows. Well, although I wish it were 100% true, double glazed windows are also susceptible to condensation when damaged or due to some other reason. Because of this, homeowners like you should not be confident even after getting double glazed windows for your home.


Condensed windows, photo by MatthewRudy

Photo by: Matthew Rudy

But what is condensation and how can homeowners prevent this problem? Condensation is actually a process that involves water vapour turning into its liquid form. Condensation typically happens in homes when there is a huge temperature difference between the temperature inside the house and out. What are the signs that tell you might have a condensation problem?


· Peeling or chipped paint around your home

· Draughts entering your home through cracks on the window and its seals

· Gaps are visible on the glass and the window frame


If you have these signs in your home, then you can easily remedy these with three solutions.


· If you have a problem with the window itself, then have them fixed or repaired immediately. This is the first step to solving your window condensation problem. Call your preferred window installer company or a double glazing company to have it repaired. But if you think that the damage is too much, have it replaced with a new window. Sometimes, repairing an old window might cost more than simply repairing it. Weigh your options properly.


· On the other hand if your windows are all clear of problem, check the surroundings of your home. Trapped moisture is the number one cause of condensation and if you do not have the right means to get rid of excess moisture in your home, then condensation might come back. Make sure your home has exhausts in the kitchen, toilet, and laundry room to prevent hot air from staying in your home. Moreover, open the windows or your home sometimes to let the dry air in your home.


· If you have a fireplace inside your home, make sure you open the vents to let the moist air escape. Having a dehumidifier can also used to prevent condensation. Although I only recommend this for extreme cases.


Stopping condensation will not only save your windows from condensation problems but also inhibit the growth of moulds inside your house, which is a lot more damaging than condensation alone. So do yourself a favour and check your windows and home for any sign of condensation. Securing a warm home this Christmas is a priority you shouldn’t forget. Get the best priced double glazing quotes before winter arrives.

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