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In a country experiencing economic depression, citizens need to learn how to find ways to lower their expenses and to use money accordingly. The UK has been hit by the depression for quite some time now and people should have been able to handle or cope with the situation. Whether it is using bicycles to work rather than driving or commuting, these are some simple ways to reduce daily expenses.



It might be easier to make minor adjustments to our daily lives but what about home improvement measurements? Many home improvement measures concerning energy efficiency are becoming a hit these days and not just because of the hype or because the Government is encouraging its use. It’s because these are real measures that can improve the quality of life in people and their homes. Just like the use of double glazed window.


To help you control the temperature in your home and the expenses you might spend on, here are a few tips you can try to reducing your double glazed window expenses.


Invest on something else first


Double glazed windows are not the be-all and end-all of home energy efficiency. This is actually just one of the many options you can try. To achieve an energy efficient home, you have to consider the walls, the ceiling and roof, and the doors of your home.


Warm air and heat can travel anywhere inside your home especially towards your windows, doors, walls, and most especially your ceiling because it is lighter than cold air. If you correct the situation with your ceiling and walls, your double glazed windows can perform twice as better. Cavity wall and roof insulation are probably cheaper that getting double glazed windows. Getting this first before double glazed windows will help improve the efficiency of your home in a gradual way.


Investing on cavity wall insulation and loft insulation are just two of the options you can try first before having double glazed windows installed.


Choose windows to be replaced


Windows are responsible for about 35% of heat loss in your home and you can easily prevent this by replacing your old single glazed windows with double glazing. But you do not have to replace each and every one of your windows. If you are a bit tight on the budget, consider replacing windows that need the warmth most. These could be windows in your bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen area. These are areas of your home with high amounts of traffic. Keeping them warm throughout the day would help you and your family feel comfortable.


Take up a loan


Taking up a loan to decrease double glazing prices is the quickest way of having affordable new replacement windows. You can take up a loan with your local bank or apply for the Government’s the Green Deal. This is a loan scheme that allows you to have new windows and other home improvement energy efficiency measures without any upfront costs. Getting new double glazed windows is easier thanks to the Green Deal.

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