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Autumn is upon us and that means the cold days of winter are just around the corner. Along with your whole-house preparations, it’s important to make sure your bathroom stays toasty and dry during the cold season. After all, there’s nothing worse than stepping out of a hot bath or lovely shower only to be met by a blast of cold air! Read on for a few helpful tips to keeping your bathroom cosy and warm.



Focus on Windows


First off, you’ll want to check for drafts around your windows. If you have outdated windows, there’s never been a better time to replace them with double glazed options. It may just be easier than you think!


Once you’ve got double glazed windows you can be sure you won’t have heat precious heat escaping through them. You can even opt to have them tinted for privacy or fitted with self-cleaning film; this is great for keeping your bathroom low-maintenance as well.


Heated Towel Rails


To enhance your bathroom’s heater or radiator, why not install a simple heated towel rail? These add overall warmth to the room and of course provide you with warm towels and robes at any time of day or night.


They can also serve as something of an art piece or focal point in the room. Many heated towel rails are offered in creative designs to enhance any interior décor scheme.


Underfloor Heating


If you just happen to be remodelling your bathroom, you can plan to help heat your bathroom from the ground up. Underfloor heating comes in the form of rubber mats fit with electric wiring. These mats are unrolled on the floor before installing tile. They are then controlled by a convenient wall thermostat.


Because heat rises, underfloor heating in bathrooms helps heat the room efficiently. It also of course makes for a great alternative to chilly tiles beneath your feet.


Even if you don’t have underfloor heating, invest in a plush bathroom rug to make the space warmer and more inviting.


Heat Lamps


Most homes have bathrooms that are on the small side, and one way of maximising any small space is to keep it light and bright. Heat lamps have the added advantage of heating the bathroom. You can turn one on for several minutes in the morning before going in to shower or dress, and enjoy a gentle awakening in a warm space.


Or, use a heat lamp at night to create a cosy ambience for a hot, relaxing soak in the bath.


Thermostatic Taps


Thermostatic shower and bath valves allow you to program your desired water temperature in advance. This means there’s no standing around waiting for the water to heat up or having to adjust the flow of hot and cold. You simply turn on the shower or bath and enjoy your preferred temperature every time. The added bonus is that there’s no danger of scalding for kids.


Pay special attention to heating your bathroom this winter and you’ll be able to keep this important room in your home. Add your choice of heating elements and use double glazed windows to lock in the warmth.


About the Author


Sonia Moran is an interior design consultant, DIY enthusiast and mother of two active boys. In her spare time she enjoys cycling and swimming. She is also a writer for BathroomHeaven in the UK.

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