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There’s just less than ten days until Christmas and everybody seems to be in a holiday rush. While some people are still on the hunt for Christmas gifts and other shop for clothes to wear to Christmas parties they’ll be attending, you can improve the look of your home by decorating your windows. This will make your home stand out because not all homes think about their windows when decorating.


No matter what kind of window you have, decorating it would be easy with these tips and tricks in mind. And to help you visualise these tips, we have gathered a few photos to help.  This will make it easier to decorate your windows.


Go on, hang something!






That’s right! Hanging things around your home is the easiest way to decorate, including window decorating. For windows, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can simply hang a wreath in the middle of the window or some DIY garlands to hang as a curtain to your window. You can also hang a large variety of things from candy canes to folded snowflake patterns or even artworks of your kids about Christmas.  It’s easy and affordable.


Sticker decorations




If you aren’t really a fan of hands-on decorations, you can opt to buy stickers to stick on your window panes. It’s definitely a lot easier and takes less time to complete a certain look. But of course, you just have to find a great store that offers different designs, colours, and sizes. There are alternatives to stickers! You can use tape and paper for a more solid look. But this will take time to prepare though.


Display it



Displaying anything that relates to Christmas can instantly perk up your windows. Fill a slim bottle with a small tree branch and decorate it as if it were a tree. Add some crystals and small acorns too. We have here a photo of what it may actually look like. Basically, this idea says that adding a simple or elaborate Christmas decoration by the window is enough to give it life. It’s also an easy tip that you can have your whole family involved with.


Now apart from these tips, you have to think about the overall theme of your Christmas decoration. Consider the colour scheme and the general type of materials used to decorate your home. Whether you have double glazing windows or not, decorating it with these few tips can help you improve the look of your home this Christmas season.

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