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Giving your rooms more life is easier than you think. Adding a piece of furniture or an accent piece is enough to strike a conversation between you and your visitors. But how about giving your rooms a different look through curtains? Curtains are more than just pieces of cloth than are used to cover the transparent part of your home. Windows are thought to be the eyes of a home and because of this; they have to be dressed accordingly. Curtains on your double glazed windows can make a huge difference in how your home feels and looks like.



No matter what kind of window you have, double glazing, sash windows, and even bay or bow windows, you can learn how to dress them appropriately with these few tips in mind.


Creating the illusion of a higher ceiling


Want to make your room seem higher than it actually is? You can easily achieve that through the help of a few meters of curtains hanging on your wall. This first thing you should do is to hang your curtains above the window frame as high as you can. Make sure that the curtain will still reach the floor. You are basically installing floor to ceiling curtains.


Apart from that, allot 8 to 15 inches of curtain rod space at the sides of your window frames so the glass part won’t be covered when the curtain is stacked at the sides. The main point to remember is that you cover the window frame and not the glass.


Creating a mood with various curtain design and colours


Colours are known factors to affect the mood of a person. The same is true when it comes to the curtain colours. If you want to brighten the mood of your living room or bedroom, go for light coloured curtains. You can choose from pastel blues to yellows. These light colours will also make a room look larger because it reflects light. Try different colours of curtains to set a mood within your home.


When it comes to the design of your curtain, you can choose certain textures and patterns to create a look for your window - plain, silk, textured, colourful, printed, and more. Those are just some of the curtain designs you can go try for your home.


Of course, there will be instances when following these tips would either be difficult or impossible. But in general, keep the curtain rods high and wide to increase the amount of light that enters your home. Keep your double glazed windows well dressed with these tips in mind.

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