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Apart from ensuring the compliance of jobs with building regulations, what else should they do? That was the question FENSA wanted to answer in one of their blog posts. To answer this, they have posted on their blog a number of tips that a fitted should try to follow in order to be a good FENSA fitter.



We hope this short list of good practices would be followed by your hired double glazing companies.


·         Do not arrive on time; aim to be a little early so in the event of traffic or other hold up, so you will not be leaving your customer waiting for you.

·         Stay a little later if the job you are on is not quite finished. Your customer will appreciate your dedication and commitment to them.

·         Speak quietly and appropriately when around your customers. Any of your apprentices will see how you treat customers and they will follow your example.

·         Dress appropriately! Nobody likes to see the proverbial ‘Builder’s bum’!

·         Be positive. If there’s a problem, solve it, without complaining. Your customer will admire your tenacity and be more likely to recommend your services. Who wouldn’t want a fitter that can be trusted to get the job done against all adversity?

·         Maintain a clean and tidy work area. This is a good health and safety policy as there may be young children around. Your customer will be more reassured and relaxed.

·         Be dependable. If you are ill or there is a problem with the van, let your customer know as soon as possible. They may have taken a day off work or got a friend to come over. Everybody likes to be kept in the loop and it will help maintain good customer relations.

·         Above all remain calm and polite if things take a turn for the worst. Take the initiative and use your positive attitude to defuse the situation and be the problem solver.


Check if your chosen company showed these good practices while doing a double glazing replacement for your home. And if you are a FENSA installer yourself, make sure to follow these tips from FENSA to be a good fitter.

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