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Wouldn’t it great to have windows that can offer you many benefits? Double glazing can provide you what you’re looking for. It has a number of advantages that you may use to improve the value of your home.



One of its usual overlooked benefits is that it can keep your home more safe and secure. Having windows that guarantee your safety is not something single glazed windows can do. If you want to improve the security in your home, then installing double glazing could be the best option to make.


A double glazed window is made from modern glazing system, made up of thick two layers of glass, and has multiple locking systems that could protect your window from any form of breaches.


So how does it make your home safe and secure? Here are bits of information about the advantages double glazed windows can offer.


1. It prevents thieves from breaking into your home.

Most thieves and burglars usually look for windows where they can break into. If your glazing is of low quality, then there’s a tendency for them to easily break the glass.  But if your windows are double glazed, then your security is rest assured. Double glazed windows are difficult to break because they can be reinforced with special films or coatings that give them the strength against breakage. It also has a tighter seal, which makes it more difficult for thieves and burglars to force it open.  


2. It is deterrent against manual attacks.


A double glazed window is resistant to manual attacks. A person armed with a crowbar or axe can’t easily break the glass because it is thick and double-paned. Its glass generally ranges from 6.5 to 25 mm in thickness. It is then laminated for your safety and security. Plus, it may also be brought with cohesive security alarms.


3. It protects your home from explosion pressure.


If your home is located in a potentially hazardous area for explosions, then you really need a type of window that can offer you a high level of security. Some types of possible explosions that may occur anytime are fuel tanks, coal dust, and bomb blasts. For your protection, install double glazed windows that are explosion-pressure resistant. But first, you need to abide by the BS EN 1063 specifications.These specifications are prepared by the European Technical Committeethat identifies performance requirements and test ways for the classification of the bullet-resistance of your glazing.


Home security is one of the issues that you need to consider. Double glazing can really offer you a higher level of safety measures. Because of that, you no longer need to worry everytime you’re away from home, especially when you’re in vacation abroad.


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