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A home would not be complete without its many components, including windows. Windows can provide a natural source of light during the day and give a cool breeze during the night. With so many kinds of windows available for residents, what are some that you have considered for your home?


Right now, the most advisable window type is double glazed windows. These windows basically have two glass panes that improve its insulating capacities. In between the glass is a type of inert gas, usually argon, which further betters window insulation. The glass and gas are sealed in by the windows frame. As an alternative to unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or uPVC double glazed window frames, aluminium is also possible.


We all know that double glazed windows made with uPVC frames are noted for its high durability, aesthetics, and resistance to natural damages, such as corrosion, colour fading, and even rot. But as mentioned, aluminium is making its way known as one of the materials available for your double glazed windows.



Qualities of Aluminium Double Glazed Windows


Double glazed windows made from aluminium look beautiful and are suitable for many kinds of homes. They are preferred by homeowners who want a less bulky looking window than uPVC. Moreover, planning authorities also prefer this when the area where the windows will be installed is in a listed area. This type of window with aluminium as its frame is available in different shades of colours and can also be combined with timber as a composite framing material choice.


How durable are double glazed windows with aluminium frames?


There is doubt about the durability of aluminium for double glazed windows. Aluminium has been a popular choice for green building and has been widely used in the construction industry as a part of roof structures, conservatories, swimming pools, and sliding doors.


Further, aluminium is also used to strengthen uPVC for windows. Despite these good features of double glazed windows made from aluminium, they are less effective and efficient as compared to uPVC double glazed windows in terms of heat insulation. Weighing the pros and cons of aluminium double glazed windows will help you find the perfect window for you.

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