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Since the official launch of the Government’s flagship green scheme last 1 October, people gained an additional option for acquiring a better insulated and more energy efficient home. The scheme, called the Green Deal, has a lot to offer homeowners and residents who want to enjoy the warmth of their home throughout the incoming winter.



So what does the Green Deal have to offer? The Green Deal is basically a scheme that allows interested homeowners to have new double glazed windows, solar panels, and more without any upfront costs. A loan, worth £10,000 is given to residents, which is tied to the house instead of to the owner of the house.


The Green Deal allows you to have one of the following home improvement options for better energy efficiency: cavity wall insulation, flat roof insulation heating controls, insulated doors, loft insulation, roof insulation, solid wall insulation, and double glazed windows, under floor heating, and even solar panels.


To get new double glazed windows through the Green Deal, you have to sign up with the Government so your home could be assessed. There’s actually a process for it. First, you have to approach an installer with Green Deal Provider status. Then, a Green Deal assessor will come over your home and conduct a survey. The assessor will try to find out the possible improvements and remedied needed for your home. Step four; they are assigned to make a report of your home’s status.


Apart from identifying what parts of your home needs improvement or what possible options are available for your home, you will find out the expected energy savings which must outweigh the cost of your home improvements for the loan to be given. That is step four.


Step five entails the actual work which will be done on your home. By the time the home improvement is done, you should see the difference in your energy bills. The great thing about this scheme is that the loan is attached to the property. So just in case you needed to leave your property, the loan will be carried over to the next set of owners.


The Green Deal will officially start the renovations and home improvements in 28 January. So right now, you still have enough time to have your home registered and assessed. Consider this option if you want new double glazed windows that won’t break the bank.

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