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Saving up for double glazed windows is not an easy feat especially now that families have different priorities and other important expenses they need to allot money for.  Whether it’s for the house mortgage, college tuition, or even the utility bills, residents need to budget their money accordingly.  Sometimes it makes you wonder where other families get the resources for double glazed windows.



Do not fret.  There are actually grants residents can take up to have new double glazed windows.  These grants are designed in such a way that many UK residents would have double glazed windows without draining their bank account.  There used to be two schemes of available however one of them was discontinued and this was the Warm Front Grant.


The Warm Front Grant is a scheme made available to the people of England and is designed for the benefit of families who have low income or the elderly.  These include all anyone whole needs the following criteria:


·         Is pregnant

·         Has a child under 16 years old

·         In common, disability, attacks or housing deductions or benefit

·         Is aged 60 or over


 Apart from double glazed windows, the Warm Front Grant and also provides other home improvement services.  You can borrow a loan of up to £3,500 pounds to £6,000.  However as mentioned before, they said grant has already been dissolved by the government since 19 January 2013.


If you were not able to apply for the Warm Front Scheme, then you can try the government’s flagship green scheme which is called, the Green Deal.  This scheme will help you make energy savings through home improvement measures such as insulation and heating. 


As you can have double glazed windows, solar panels, and new boiler systems, and even improve home insulation through the Green Deal and without any upfront costs. This scheme lets you pay for all of your home improvements over time through your electricity bills.  This is available for householders, owners, tenants and even landlords. 


Ask around your neighbourhood and find out whether you know someone who has already taken up the Green Deal Scheme. Getting new double glazed windows for your home will be a lot easier if you apply for this grant since there are no upfront costs to be paid. If you want to get connected with a certified green deal installer, fill up our free quotation form today.

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