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Do you like the idea of having double glazed windows installed in your home without any upfront costs? In just a few days, that idea can become possible thanks to the Government’s Green Deal. However, can you wait for it?


Launching on October


The Government announced months before that their flagship green scheme is going to be launched this coming October. After that announcement, people have been divided between supporters and non-supporters of the Green Deal. Problems were discovered with its provisions which is why there are some residents and companies who disagree with its implementation. But despite that, its scheduled launch is unstoppable.


By 1 October, the registry of installers, providers, and assessors, will be opened to the public. The registration for would-be Green Deal installers, assessors, and providers started on 8 August through the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body website. Because of this, the Green Deal may be off to a slow start since the real work will only happen months after.


Should You Even Bother with the Green Deal?


According to various reports, the ‘soft launch’ of the Green Deal won’t even happen early 2013. There have been predictions that it might start on the summer of 2013. While there are many companies, installers, and assessors eager to be a part of the Green Deal, how do the residents feel?


Considering the slow start of the Green Deal, people might not really consider this as a real option for their double glazed windows, wall insulation, and even heating system. In the end, people might only see the Green Deal as a small option, ever present but not attractive, that can easily be ignored.

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