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What role do windows play in our home? For one, it keeps our homes secure from the dangers outdoors, and two, it keeps our homes warm and comfortable during the cold seasons. But what if your windows aren’t functioning the way they are supposed to?


double glazed windows can have upgrades film and tint


Windows today need to be ready to handle the changes of the environment especially with the world’s current situation. Right now, there are threats of global warming that many countries are already experiencing. Preparing our homes with energy efficiency features will surely keep our heating and energy bills manageable and friendly to the pocket.


One home improvement measure you need to get is double glazed windows. They are easy to install and even easier to maintain. These windows are responsible for keeping heat inside your home and preventing them from leaking out. With double glazed windows, your home can be friendlier to the environment.


But double glazed windows aren’t just capable of doing that. With extra upgrades, you can get more out of your windows. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider when you get your double glazed windows installed in your home.


1. Tint your windows


When you hear of tints, the first think that may come into your mind are tinted windows for cars. However, tints aren’t exclusive for car windows because they are also a popular upgrade for residential windows. Tint for windows can do more than just provide you with privacy. Tints for double glazed windows can also give you protection from the rays of the sun, such as UVA and UVB rays.  Prolonged exposure to these kinds of rays can fade the colour of your furniture, paint, fabrics, and even hasten deterioration. Prevent this from happening by applying tint that reflects the sun’s harmful rays.


2. Self-cleaning film


Self-cleaning windows are perfect for homes with lot of windows located in high and hard to reach areas. But of course, this film is also suitable for windows that get a lot of exposure to dirt. With the application of a self-cleaning film on your window, they will maintain its cleanliness. There are two types of films – one can dissolve the dirt through the rays of the sun while the other can seamlessly let dirt on its surface get carried away by water or rain. Apply this on all your double glazed windows and you’re likely to enjoy zero maintenance windows.


Double glazed windows can already increase the level of comfort in your home and return on investment but having these additional upgrades even make them more attractive.


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