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Windows can contribute a lot to the energy efficiency of your home, especially uPVC double glazed windows.  These kinds of windows are highly popular because of its energy efficiency which makes it a top item in the list of many homeowners wanting to have home energy efficiency improvement measures done.


So what makes a double glazed window tick? How does it work and why can it prevent heat loss better than a regular single glazed window?  To find out how the double glazed window works, you first have to inform yourself with its basic parts that enabled it to function the way it does.  Below if a photo of a regular double glazed window with its basic parts identified.



Surely, you already know the basic parts of the window such as the window sill, sash, jamb, stool, panes, and weather stripping.  Now these are usually the basic parts of the window but for a double glazed window, it will have special parts that make this it’s very different from a single glazed window.


Double glazed windows’ main feature is its double panes or also called as glazing.  These two panes are put together side-by-side and are secured by the sash frame.  There is a spacer in between the two glass panes to ensure that there is enough space for a gas, a special inert type of gas, such as argon to help improve energy efficiency.  Of course there are many types of double glazed windows and some parts may be lacking but understanding this main feature is enough.


How this works is when light passes through the window, it allows light to pass yet prevents heat from getting inside the home.  The first glass pane that faces the outside of your home is your first defence.  The air in between the glass panes slow down heat or cold air from getting inside your home while the second glazing, the pane facing your home, makes sure that heat inside your home will not escape through the window.


Apart from this mechanism, special additions can be installed on your window to even further its energy efficiency.  You can have a special tint or coating applied on the surface of your glazing to prevent solar glare.  Your glazing choice, window design and location, and shading from inside of your home such as curtains can affect your windows performance throughout the year.


Understanding the benefits of double glazed windows would be much easier if you know its basic parts in how the function. We hope this short informative host will help you get the best double glazed windows for your family. If you want to find and compare double glazed window quotes from your location, use our free and no obligation quote comparison service today. Fill up our form to get three quotes.

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