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Thieves have found a new way to steal money from homeowners who simply want to have a better and more energy efficient home. Through cold calls, conmen are introducing themselves as certified Green Deal assessors offering fake discounts, and even charging “administration fees”.



Reports of this kind of incident have been made in South Wales and West Yorkshire. 12 cases are now under investigation.


Energy Minister Greg Barker told You & Yours, a BBC Radio 4 show that this was simple criminality. Homeowners must be informed that Green Deal loans are only offered by government contracted assessors who are identifiable through allocated numbers.


Tim Keohane, senior trading standards officer in Caerphilly said that they are dealing with more than 20 complaints from the south-east Wales. “This sort of thing being said is that the Green Deal is absolutely free to householders and that they’ll get £10,000 of work for nothing.”


It is a sad fact that some people are even giving £400 and not seeing anything from it. Under the Green Deal, door-to-door sales are permitted.


So how do you avoid these kinds of rouge tradespeople?


Probably the first thing you need to know is about the Green Deal itself and its process. Basically, the scheme will allow you to have various energy efficient home improvement projects through a loan. Without any upfront costs at all, you can new double glazed windows or even solar panels.


The process of the Green Deal is rather simple. This is the second thing you need to be informed of. This is how the Green Deal works.


1.      Assessors ask basic questions about energy usage.

2.      Approved Green Deal installers such as DIY chains advise on improvements

3.      Consumers pay for the changes by taking out a loan with the not-for-profit Green Deal Finance Company.

4.      The loan is paid back through electricity bills for periods of up to 25 years.

5.      There is no guarantee that savings made will match the cost of the loans.


Another thing you can do is to verify any company that calls or knocks on your door. Ask for their company name before anything else. If you have a door-to-door salesman, don’t let him in unless you have their identification.


Homeowners are advised to look for the Green Deal Approved quality mark. This is a mark that proves that an assessor is indeed registered with the Government. To verify an assessor or installer, you can give the Energy Savings Advice Sevice a call at 0300 1231234.


So if anyone starts offering your double glazed windows and are representing themselves as Green Deal Assessors, do the following tips mentioned above first. These tips to help you stop any possible fraudulent activities done to you.

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