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Have you ever tried to imagine changing the colour of your windows at home? Well if you have, then you might want to consider its possibilities. Windows are often considered as an important part of a home because it allows natural light and air to come in for free. Windows also help create a larger view of your outdoors.



But windows can do more than just that. Right now, many modern windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency and create a warmer home during the winter season and a cooler home during the summer. Moreover, you can also rely on modern uPVC double glazed windows can help soundproof your home from noise coming outside. This helps you achieve a peaceful environment.


uPVC windows are perfect for many homes today, whether you have an aged home or a newly built one. Why not enjoy these benefits while making your window a possible conversation starter by giving it some colour. Colour is a great way to compliment the theme of a room or as a pop of colour in a very monochromatic room.


If you aren’t quite sure of what colours to go for, we have here a short list of double glazing colours you can consider for your home. Choosing colours for your windows will depend on a number of factors so make sure you fit each colour’s description to your rooms’ needs.


Off White Frames


Off white is one of the most common colours of uPVC double glazing. It can be placed in any kind of room no matter what its theme is. Since it is off white, it will not be too blinding as the typical stark white uPVC frames. With the colour, you can create a softer focus for your windows. If you want a versatile window colour, then choose this.


Purple Frames


Purple frames, like the other colours, are available in a number of different shades to better suit the taste and style preferences of possible customers. If you want to create a room that gives off luxury, royalty, power, wealth, dignity, and even magic, then purple frames would do. Imagine your living room with this colour. It’s easily seen and can give a good look to any room.


Blue Frames


Want to add some blue in one of your rooms? Try adding blue uPVC window frames in your home’s library or study room. Blue is the colour of intellect or consciousness. It is also a calming colour to look at. Installing windows with blue frames is a hassle free decoration that can be present when the curtains are staked to the side.


Green Frames


The colour green is the most restful colour you eyes will ever lay on. It also symbolizes self-respect and well being. So if you were to use this colour for your windows, you can have them in your bedroom. The bedroom is a place for relaxation that is why it makes the perfect sense to put a little green into your bedroom through your window frames. If your whole room doesn’t quite suit the green colour, you can have it in a lighter shade to allow it to blend more especially when the sun is shining through it.


Red Frames


Red is a colour that invigorates or intensifies a feeling. It is also a colour highly associated in fast food chains because it can make people hungry. With that said, red uPVC frames would be best used for your kitchen. The kitchen is a place where culinary creativity happens and most of the time, there’s also a small dining area in it.


Coloured uPVC double glazed window frames are a rare sight to see in many homes but for those who actually take the plunge of purchasing them will receive good feedback from it. It is one way of decorating a room without taking up extra space.

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