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Today, sash windows are considered as the traditional windows of the United Kingdom. They have been a part of the identity of UK culture. Today, there are a lot of people aware of the sash window but do not know about its history and how it developed to what we have today.


Read this article to find out the history of sash windows. You might even pick up a trivia you can tell friends and family in the future.


The Earlier Years of Sash Windows


Sash windows can be traced back in history as early as the 17th century. Throughout 1676 and 1685, many European estates would already have installed the sash window. By the 18th century, sash windows were called Gregorian sashes. During this time, it was common to see 3 basic styles: six panes of six panes, three over three panes, and three over six panes.


The Gregorian architecture made their version of the sash window. Instead of having one moving sash with a fixed sash on top, they made it with two moveable sashes.


During the Victorian era, sash windows changed again. Apart from using better glass for the windows, more embellishments were added and so the sash window became more ornate. Sash horns were even carved into fancy scrolls.


After Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, the Edwardian era came in and it meant another change. The once ornate sash windows were trimmed down back to its clean, elegant, and simple look. By the end of the 20th century, the decline of sash windows started.


Sash Window Development


Now, sash windows have evolved from its simple beginnings. Although it still looks the same, as our local government tries to preserve it to the best they can, sash windows can now be made with double glazing. This is to ensure that your windows are not only beautiful but also energy efficient. Double glazed sash windows are great for period homes with a classic look.


In case you want to have some for your own house or if you want to remodel your current sash windows, make sure you get the necessary documents, such as planning permission, before hiring a window company.


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