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So you already found a double glazing company you want to work with. You have asked for a quote, they have performed a survey and you have read their terms and conditions. Soon after, you have even signed the contract they have presented you. However, under some unexpected circumstance, you needed to cancel your contract with them. There are a lot of possible situations such as a change of heart or you can no longer financially proceed with the project but whichever it may be, you need to have your double glazing contract cancelled.


If it is your first time to cancel a contract, they you may need to read guides and credible information on how you can accomplish this. Here are a few things you will find useful in cancelling a contract you have made with your double glazing company.


Contracts Made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work


In 1 October 2008, new regulations were made to The Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place or Work etc. Regulations 2008. This will cover contracts made by both solicited and unsolicited visits by traders to a person’s home or place of work.


Businesses affected by this change would be home improvement services such as double glazing, repair and maintenance services, consumer goods and home ware, as well as energy efficiency products or installations.


There are important things you should remember:


• A trader should give customers a minimum cooling-off period of seven calendar dates starting with the date of receipt by the customer and a notice of the right to cancel from the trader.


• The written contract you will receive must clearly and prominently display the cancellation rights. Or if there is no written contract, it could be given in writing.


• The right to cancel in not applicable for contracts with a total value of less than £35


Cancelling Your Contract


Once you to finally decided to cancel your contract, you must give the company the appropriate notice of that right. Section 7 of the regulation states that you must give your notice following these points:


• It must be given in writing, dated, and delivered personally
• It may also be send via electronic mail
• You must write the name of the trader. A trader is defined as ‘a person who, in making a contract to which these regulations apply, is acting in his commercial or professional capacity’ and includes anyone acting in the name or behalf of a trader.’


No matter the reason for cancelling, you have the right to be given a cooling off period and that you should follow certain guidelines to make it effective. Time is of the essence when cancelling. Inform them immediately to resolve the matter quickly.


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