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As much as possible, your home should be secured and efficient at all times. However, there may come a time you’ll get caught in a confusing situation such as whether you need to replace your old windows or settle with them for a few more months.


Windows are an important feature in homes as it provide a natural source of light for rooms as well as it let fresh air to enter. Despite the benefits it gives, it can also be a vulnerable part of your home. Broken windows can lower the security of your home and make it less energy efficient. But because of the economic situation of many homeowners, it could be difficult to decide to have them replaced or just keep them for a few more months.


If you are confused about what you should do, here are 6 signs you should observe before finally deciding to purchase new replacement windows for your home.


1. There is condensation in between the glass panes

This usually happens for double glazed windows. If this happens to your windows, you should have them repaired or replaced all together. This happens when the windows are not sealed perfectly. In effect, you windows will lose its good insulating capabilities. You can fix this by replacing the window or replacing the glazing.


2. You feel a draught coming from your closed window

Feeling a breeze near your window? This is not a good sign for your window since it means poor insulation. Keeping this kind of window will only increase your energy bills during the winter and summer. Apart from feeling a breeze, you can also expect your window to bring in dust and other particles from the outdoors into your home.


3. Visible cracks on the glass of your window

Seeing cracks on your window is a sign of a weak window that can be infiltrated easily by intruders. You should have these replaced immediately to keep or improve the level of security of your home. Insulation could also be affected with cracked window glass. Make sure to be careful when having these kinds of windows replaced.


4. Rotting or cracking wooden window frames

Rotting or cracking wooden frames can no longer be fixed once it starts. Rotting windows can be a combination of a number of factors such as termites, the weather, and other factors of nature. Replace them to restore the durability and integrity of your windows.


5. Window can't be closed

Do you have windows which can’t be perfectly closed or opened? Before having them replaced, check first whether they can still be repaired with proper lubrication of its hinges and other parts. If not, it could mean that your windows are no longer in good condition and needs to be replaced.


6. There is frost building up on your windows

Do you usually see frost building up on your windows? It might be caused by poor ventilation or inadequate insulation. Fix this by replacing your old, broken window with double glazed units.


If your windows show at least 4 of these signs, then you might want to consider having them replaced soon. Once you have replaced them, make sure you maintain the condition of your windows through routine maintenance. This should make your windows last for years to come. 

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