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Most older homes still have their original windows that are single glazed. However, contrary to the belief of a few households, single glazed windows are not strictly things of the past. There are still actually a variety of single glazing replacements on the market these days.



In terms of window replacement, some homeowners opt for single glazed windows because they are very affordable and greatly suit their budget. Others say that single paned windows with clear glass allow more light through during daytime than any other type, which they believe to be perfect in spring and summer seasons.


However, despite its huge advantage of affordability, it’s still not a practical option for a number of homeowners. But why? Here are 5 reasons why single glazing is not a right option for you.


1.       Very poor insulating qualities


Single glazing is the least energy efficient type of window. It lets a large amount of heat out due to its worst U factor. It has also the lowest insulation value.


2.       Break easily


Because a single glazed window has a single paned glass, it can be cracked effortlessly. Its locks are screwed to the window itself rather than its frame, which is considered to be a weaker system. Because of this, your home’s security is lowered and it will be easy for burglars and thieves to break into your home through your windows.


3.       Transmit sound very well


Living near a road with loud traffic and other disturbing noises is quite a nuisance. If your windows are single glazed, then perhaps it is a huge problem in your part because it has a poor sound insulation.


4.       Usually no e-coatings


Unlike double glazed windows that have low E-glass coatings for improving insulation, single glazing usually has none. They just have a single-paned glass, which tend to be clear, thin and easy to break.


5.       Tendency to form leaks


Because of single glazing’s thin glass layer, there’s a possibility that rain and wind might leak in around the glass. This could also result to moist formation on your window glass.


These single glazing disadvantages would be a big factor to a poor home insulation. It might also result to expensive energy and electric bills that you are required to pay monthly. Plus, it would greatly affect the level of comfort for your family along with the change in weather.


Perhaps, choosing double glazing as replacement for your old windows could be a practical decision. As you know, it is the most common glazing in today’s windows and it has the capacity to increase thermal performance and reduce sound transmission for it contains coatings and films that improves insulation. It has also a multiple locking system, which makes it durable and hard to break so you are rest assured of your security.


Install double glazing now. You may also visit our site for more information about it.

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