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You are about to appreciate more what double glazed windows has to offer when it actually has this one feature worth investing in – multipoint locking system.


Have you ever heard of those words? For a homeowner whose main concern is the family welfare and the provision of their needs, this phrase might sound something from a bank or other financial institutions needing a high level of security. But not to worry because this term is actually associated with double glazed windows.


For years, uPVC windows have been known to provide excellent security through uPVC and by how the windows are manufactured. But do you actually know why these windows are preferred when it comes to the security of a home?



Multipoint locking (MPL) system, also known as ‘espagnolette locks’ shoot three to four hooks in equal width from each other to provide high security and anti-separation. This is suitable for vertical and horizontal opening windows of different sizes and kinds. These kinds of locks offer a window with a high amount of security while operating in a discrete way. You do not have to worry about the lock obstructing the natural beauty of your window, whether it is a wooden, uPVC, or aluminium window because it’ll be hidden.


Multipoint locking systems offer more than just security. Not only does it satisfy requirements of insurance companies, but they have more benefits to offer you and your family. Many window manufacturers prefer multipoint locking systems over a single lock for one of the many reasons below:


1. Improved Security – As mentioned earlier, the number of hooks spread equally throughout the length of the window shoots multiple locks to give it a stronger structure. ‘Forced entry’ pressure applied only on one specific side of the window will only render it useless.



2. Better Acoustic Performance and Weather Seal -  Thanks to multipoint locking systems, double glazed windows would be able to offer improved sound and weather insulation.


4. Child Safety – You no longer have to worry about your children getting to close to the windows during a hot night. Double glazed windows can be opened at a safe angle and locked in place safe enough for your children. Night vents on top of the window with MPL can benefit from this.


5. Night Vent Capability – Windows can act as vents to let the cool are in during warm nights. You can adjust the opening of the vent and lock it according to your need.


Modern windows, such as uPVC double glazed windows with MLP system have a lot to offer. Make sure your new windows have them and if not, you can learn how to have them installed by yourself or by a professional.

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