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Have you noticed the worn out look of your old windows and doors? If you have had them for years, then it might be time to consider having them changed.


Having them replaced now can transform your home into an energy efficient place while being environmentally friendly. Despite the current economic situation of many UK residents, there is still a way to find affordable and pocket-friendly double glazed units. Prices can vary from one company to another so it is important to know what factors can create changes to the price of your double glazing unit.


Here are the four things you should be aware of when purchasing a double glazing unit. Prices will be affected by these four so keep them in mind.


1. Type of glass to be used


Double glazed units are made with glass in range of thickness from 3 mm, 10 mm, or more for special instances. The glass for insulated glazing can also be made of tempered or laminated glass. The thickness of your glass could be a factor.


Apart from that, double glazing unit prices are also changed if you want to have special coatings or films applied on the glass of your double glazing. For security purposes, you can have your window panes applied with a security film that makes it stronger and tougher. For UV/UV protection, you can have special solar protecting coatings so your windows will only allow safe light to enter your home.


2. Size and number of windows in the project


Some residents would only like to have a certain number of windows and doors replaced instead of having all of them changed. Depending on the number of windows, doors, and as well as their sizes, the double glazing unit prices will be affected.


Talking with a professional company offering double glazing services can help you assess the overall costs of your home improvement project.


3. Frame material


As with the glass to be used for your double glazing, the frame material also affects the price. The most preferred and common material used in many modern double glazing is uPVC. uPVC is a material known for its durability and versatility. Custom made windows and doors can be made with this material.


4. Installation costs


Finally, the overall double glazed unit price of your project will depend on the installation fee of your chosen company. Make sure to hire a company that is experienced with installing double glazing.


Apart from remembering these four factors, you can also use double glazing comparison sites to find cheap double glazing unit prices that fit your budget.

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