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Although a lot of news and information about double glazing has spread around the country for months, some people are still unable to get the hard facts about it. Here at, we’ve encountered a lot of first time buyers asking the same questions. So we have here 4 of the most common questions we’ve been answering for a while. Hope this helps you decide in finding the best double glazed windows.


What are the benefits of double glazing?


Enjoy these benefits with new double glazing:


·         Reduced electricity bills

·         A more comfortable house

·         Smaller window condensation

·         Lessened carbon footprint

·         Peace and quite


Why should I replace my single glazed windows?


Homes are meant to be comfortably warm, safe, and peaceful. Believe it or not, your windows can greatly affect the ‘hominess’ of your house. With double glazing, you can maintain a comfortable home temperature with lower electricity bills, have more durable and long lasting windows, and have a soundproof home from outside noise.


When is the right time to have double glazed windows?


Simply observing your windows can help you identify when the right time to replace your old single glazed windows is. If your windows are no longer able to insulate your home properly, giving your cold draughts and condensed windows, then having new double glazing today could be the answer. But if you don’t have enough money to have them replaced, you can wait for the Green Deal to start.


How can the Green Deal help me?


When getting your home insulated with double glazing seems to be a monetary challenge for you, you can rely on the Government for a bit of help. The Government’s flagship green scheme called the Green Deal is about to be launched this October. This scheme makes a way for residents to have improved home insulation, acquire new double glazing, and new boilers, without paying any upfront costs.


The costs of the new insulation and materials will become a loan which is tied to the property. So if you decide to move out, you don’t have to worry about the existing Green Deal Loan.

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