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The change of seasons from Summer to Autumn has meant colder mornings with low hanging fog, not to mention conkers falling off the trees and acorns starting to grow - littering the pavements in their numbers. This unfortunately makes it a struggle to get out of your toasty, warm bed and start the day - even harder when your house is bitterly cold.



Sometimes this weather transition sneaks up on us, meaning our homes aren't prepared to handle the colder months and still configured to the summer heat. Never fear though! We're going to provide some top tips that will help you make your house warmer and ready for this Autumn and even Winter.


Make Your Bedtime Warmer


An easy change, that will make your slumber a warmer experience at night time, involves replacing your quilt and pillows with their thicker counterparts. This means buying a set with thicker togs - the higher the number, the thicker and warmer they will be (15 tog is one of the warmest to snuggle up in during Autumn and Winter).


If you often switch your duvets and pillows over year when the seasons change, now is the time to do it. If on the other hand you have never before done this, it is a great idea that will give you a nice and warm sleep.


Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey, Chim chim cher-ee


In true Mary Poppins fashion, its time to get your chimney swept out if you haven't done already. This does of course only apply to houses that light open fires in rooms like the living room - I wouldn't recommend an open fire in the bedroom unless you have masses of space.


You can do this yourself if you have the correct tools and knowledge, however, a professional chimney sweep will be able to identify if there are any faults in your chimney that could be dangerous or ineffective at ensuring your fire's by-products are effectively evacuated from the house.


If you don't regularly sweep your chimney, you can increase the risk of a chimney fire as creosote deposits and other unexpected objects, such as a birds nest, can be set alight under the intense heat of the flames. To be safe, ensure that you get it cleaned out before lighting your first one of the year.


Keep Your Toes Warm


Rather than splashing out on under floor heating (a lovely way to keep your feet warm on a cold morning) why not place a stylish rug next to your bed that has a thick pile for your toes to get warmed up in?


If you house is fitted with hardwood flooring or laminate, an Autumn morning can feel bitter under your bare feet. Hall and stairway runner rugs are a great way to add some warming carpet but keep the aesthetic appeal of the wooden flooring exposed.


Of course you could be very budget and invest in a pair of comfy slippers.



Contributed by home furniture specialists Frances Hunt - selling furnishings to UK customers since 1954 with professional expertise and knowledge on home design.

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