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Do you have a problem with your double glazed windows? Are you worried that the small damages on it such as little cracks on the frame and even on the glass would do more harm that it looks? How about the paint that’s peeling off the frame?



These minor damages may not seem too big but if it persists for a long time, you might find yourself facing bigger problems such as window condensation, poor heat insulation, increase electricity and fuel bills, or worse, an unsecure window vulnerable to unwanted visitors. If you do not want to wait for such things to happen, then it may be time for you to solve the problem. There are two ways you can repair your double glazed window. You can do it yourself or you may hire a window replacement and repair company for the job.


We’ll be sharing some tips about each method and its pros and cons so make sure you continue reading below.


DIY Window Repair


Doing your own window repair is a great option if you are already an experienced DIY person. For your DIY window repair to be successful, you have to have a great instruction guide, a teacher, or a video guide to help you achieve great results. If you don’t have someone or something that can show you the proper way of repairing your broken window, then it may not be a good idea to proceed with it. The Internet offers a lot of websites and video tutorials on how you can repair or fix various double glazing window problems.


Pros: cheaper than having a professional do it, acquisition of a new skill, instant solution, suitable for small repairs
Cons: time consuming, unsupervised by professionals, skill is needed, helpful guide is critical, purchase of needed materials


Professional Window Repair


Professional window repair is an option you should go for if you have major damages on your windows. If you need to completely replace the glass on your double glazing, have the locks replaced, or for single pane to double glazing window upgrade is what you have in mind, you should call the professionals instead. You can ask them about the process, how your windows work and how you should take care of them. If you hire a professional company, make sure they are registered with FENSA and GFF for guaranteed Work quality.


Pros: professional work is guaranteed, no need to worry about further repairs, time saving
Cons: costlier than DIY, prone to dubious companies


Double glazed windows are often made with uPVC frames, a material that is highly durable and long lasting so you should not really about regular maintenance. However if you do need repairs, consider these two options and pick which one is most suitable for you.

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