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Double glazing is resistant to external force, durable, and attractive but even this Superman has a kryptonite. Just like how kryptonite makes Superman vulnerable to any attack, common problems of double glazing can nullify the benefits of your double glazing. Knowing how these problems occur will not only let you know how to fix them but also how to avoid them.




Misty or foggy double glazed units will still insulate your room and protect you from break-ins, but what good is a window if you can't enjoy your garden view without going outdoors? Broken or punctured seals of double glazed units can cause moisture to build up in the space between the panels, blocking your view.


The Fix: Disassembling your double glazed units to clean up the moisture between the panels isn't impossible but it isn't a doddle either especially since double glazed units aren't meant to be disassembled. Although you can take it apart, clean it, and then seal it again, this is costlier than having it replaced with a new one.


Broken Hinges and Loose Locks


Having quality double glazing won't matter if you can't get it to close properly. Broken hinges or a loose lock may be causing the leaks on your cill or the draught in your home. Checking for gaps between the sash and the frame will help determine if you have these problems. The gap will be as tiny as the width of a credit card if your problem is a loose lock.


The Fix: These problems are best handled by specialists or your installers especially if your units have just been installed. If loose locks are your problem, go with a temporary fix to tighten them as you wouldn't want to expose your home to break-ins.


Condensation and broken hinges and loose locks can also be caused by improper installation. Making sure your double glazed units are installed properly or hiring only FENSA-certified installers are ways to make sure you won't have problems because of shoddy installation. Find the best installers through our free comparison service.

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