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A lot of people associate double glazing replacement with durability and savings on their energy bills. However, when fitting windows, one should not only opt for high performance products. Even if the reputation of double glazing speaks for itself, one should be reassured that it is a safe choice for homes and its surroundings.



However, the process of replacing existing windows with double glazing seems to be complicated to some homeowners. Sometimes they don’t know where to start and they tend to doubt if it is actually the right replacement. Perhaps a checklist is a good idea for them to start with.


So, to help you and your fellow homeowners think of all the details and get the most out of the replacement process, here’s a 10-step checklist of double glazing questions, which will help you make the best choices for the betterment of your home and environment.


10-Step Checklist


1.       Does double glazing enhance your home’s insulation?


It can reduce heat loss through your windows up to 15-20%. It is a two-paned window that has a gap in between them and is occupied with an inert gas that further improves your home’s insulation.


2.       Does it give energy efficiency benefits to your home?


Because of its capacity to reduce your energy consumption by as much as 15-20%, it can offer energy efficiency to your home, which will lead you to saving on your energy bills.


3.       Does the window have a multipoint locking system?


It has a unique multipoint locking system to help keep your home safe and secure. It also prevents thieves and burglars from barging into your house.


4.       Is the window resistant to weather?


This window unit is weather resistant. It is sealed on the edges with the use of a silicon sealant that prevents the humid air from going through your windows. It also keeps the heat in during winter and the heat out in summer.


5.       Is the window multi-chambered in design?


The window’s frames are multi-chambered. It comes in uPVC, aluminium, timber, and hardwood frame designs, which adds beauty as it keeps your home insulated.


6.       Is the window easily fitted?

You can easily fit this window by yourself. But before that, you might need Building Regulations Approval and Planning Permission.


7.       Is it easy to maintain?

Double glazed windows are easy to clean. Also, it does not require frequent maintenance.


8.       How long is the lifespan of the window?


The longevity of double glazing is up to 20 years. If well-maintained, it will last more than the said life expectancy.


9.       How much will I save on my monthly heating bills?

Because of its insulating properties, it will help you save up to 50% on your monthly energy bills.


10.   Does it have sound insulating properties?


This type of window improves sound insulation, which lessens a great amount of ambient noise that enters your home.


If the answer to all of these is YES, then you may proceed to choosing a company that will guide you throughout the installation process. You may request them to provide you with a quotation. Remember, you have to demand for a fixed quotation, not just an estimated one. You can also try quote comparison sites to compare and contrast one quote with another. It will be a big help when selecting the best double glazing product that will benefit your home, budget, and environment in the long run.


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