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Bay and Bow Windows


Today, you can add more space in your home without constructing a conservatory or a patio. Installing bay or bow windows in your home will give you that extra space and illuminate your rooms while giving a great view of the outdoors. Replacing your windows with bay or bow windows gives your home an updated look without hurting your pocket.



What is the Difference of Bay and Bow Windows?


Both bay and bow windows are types of windows that project itself from the walls of homes, allowing you to have a bigger view of the outside compared to a regular window. Bay windows are often confused with bow windows since they both look almost the same. To help you differentiate one from the other, you can check the details of each window type. Bay windows generally have three glass panels with the centre panel straight, while the two panels at the side angle towards the wall of your home. A bow window has about four to five panels that curve and form a bow look.


Inside your home, your bay and bow windows can give another dimension to rooms. It can be a good place to read or be the centre attraction of your living room where the light shines through. Bay windows can be fitted in your home within hours and they are inexpensive to install.


Updating Homes with Bay and Bow Windows


Updating your home is as straightforward as replacing your rectangular windows with bay or bow windows. These kinds of windows are flexible enough to fit any kind of window and are available in different styles and colours to suit your home and neighbourhood.


In line with the latest window technology, you can have your bay windows made with double glazing to improve the insulating qualities needed in your home. Double glazing is an efficient way to reduce heat loss and cut your energy bills. Moreover, your bay or bow windows can be constructed with uPVC materials that are environment friendly and can lasts for 20 to 25 years. uPVC is a material easily manufactured yet is resistant against corrosion and other elemental damages.


Bay and bow windows can come with even or uneven sight lines and may have sash window panels. Various designs and colours are also available in order to create harmony to the overall look of your home.


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